Liberté Beauty

Devotion Monthly Membership (DEV30)

per month
Devotion Monthly Membership ~ By Invitation or Inquiry Only
{No Facials, Lashes, Lash lift or Full Arm or Leg Sugaring.}
Although this is billed monthly it is an annual commitment.
Your initial payment along with your completed intake serves as your acknowledgment of this annual commitment and agreement to our 48 hour change policy. If you desire more services simply choose a membership level with more time and viola! This is your time to enjoy a variety of customizable services within the allotted time frame. (that's right-GIFTED SERVICES!)

Devotion Monthly Membership
(DEV30) $85.
Terms of Service and Helpful Information
~ Always booked with me
~ Your entire appointment history is contained in your client profile
~ Unrestricted booking (Sat a-ok)
~ Attentive, Intuitive and Professional service
~ Gratuity NOT Included but very much appreciated
~ Transferable; you can gift your membership in a month you can't make it to anyone who is a NEW Client to us!
~ You may pause/hold your membership for up to 3 months. You may be asked to pay an additional fee if extra time is needed upon your welcomed return
~ If you can't book your monthly appointment the amount can be used towards other services
~ Our 48 hour change policy is still in effect, we appreciate you honoring your appointment as we have set time aside just for you.
~Should you "No Show" your appointment or arrive more than 10 minutes late without an email or call, you forfeit your appointment for that month.
~ You cannot split your allotted appointment time with another. However you may purchase them a month of membership :)
~ If you choose to completely stop your membership you may sign back up at the Devotion level
~ Transportation provided via Lyft to and from eligible hoods.
Queen Anne
All you do is let us know where you'd like to be picked up and dropped off and viola!
Your car will be scheduled. :)
You’ll receive a handy text giving you the pertinent details of your ride and you shall be swooped!
You always receive the superb care we are known for; complementary champagne, shandy's or fresh rose-lemonade in the summer, chocolates, tea, fresh made espresso or let us know what you fancy!
We can curate your monthly beauty ritual for you-we would love too!
Your Monthly Membership supports your commitment to taking exquisite care of yourself
Thank you for choosing Liberté Beauty!!

MLP Brazilian (Sugared Brazilian)

Magical Lady Place
Thats what we, here at LB call the most special of spaces.
Below, is the variety of Brazilians we offer. Choose and enjoy!

Simone (Brazilian $120) emulates an extended bikini on top, only we clear away the rest.
This is your most demure Brazilian.

Anais (Brazilian $120) a little lady fur on the top
with the rest just a memory-bye bye!

Colette (Brazilian $120) provides exquisite freedom from
all the hair down there from top to tail, the quintessential Brazilian

Remember we work together to create EXACTLY the look you want.
All of the above services include an attentive cleansing with sterile, medical grade cloth, removal of hair on chosen area, trimming if needed, tweezing out of any in-growns, soothing, protective serum and generous misting of cooling organic rose hydrosol .

*Exfoliation with dry granulated sugar on warm, moist skin highly encouraged the night before service to maximize results.
An ancient, non-toxic, gentle method of effective hair removal that eventually diminishes the amount of hair that grows back.
The paste is made of sugar, water and lemon.
Thats it!
Removes hair at the earliest level of hair growth ~ Exfoliates while removing unwanted hair ~ Applied to skin at body temperature, so you never get burned!

Seven Brazilian Maintenance Services for the price of Six!

Love to keep your magical lady place smooth & hair free? Let's keep you spiffy while saving a few dollars.
When you purchase Six Brazilian Maintenance services you get Seven!
A super deal and a super service!